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as big as your imagination
as warm as a friend's heart


June 18, 2004

09:45 p.m. -:- Can you SEE the difference? I sure hope so. I mean you can see what I changed. But main thing is, I changed hosts. I have more space here. I can use dreamweaver here. Nuff said on why.


April 03, 2004

10:01 p.m. -:- I deleted the websites. and just so i can put the link somewhere. i wanna go HERE for my honeymoon or something.. Catalina Island.


February 04, 2004

06:08 p.m. -:- I deleted the links to my journals. I will lock my journals as well. They risked getting higher traffic from people I actually know when I joined a forum. Now I wonder why I even made them public.


August 31, 2003

10:25 p.m. -:- I decided to stop putting updates on the main page. I'm trying to look more professional especially since I'm wanting to show off my talents to get jobs. I have a job now at Dillards. For more info you can check out my Blurty. There is no longer a password needed for the Diaryland Journal. I think I may put all things not web or graphic related on another page.


June 19, 2003

09:31 p.m. -:- Well, I am tired of Diaryland and never being able to add to my diary. So Diaryland is still viewable. Well except you need a password from me. I decided I just got too personal. And I was able to at least get to THAT feature.

Now, though, I am also a "Blurty" User.


June 15, 2003

01:44 p.m. -:- I just saw the date of the last time I updated. ALMOST A YEAR! Well, that's alright. I added the portfolio a month or two ago, but didn't add an update note. Now I am adding a Father's Day poem. It may make way to the literature page, but for now it's linked here. Anyway...I found something out. I just copied and pasted the image from the Word doc and it didn't even ask to upload an image. If you can't see it, please email me.


June 06, 2003

10:56 p.m. -:- Well I finally decided to figure FrontPage XP out. Now here I am. I took off a lot of stuff. Guess it's like I grew out a few things, and decided I wanted this a bit more sophisticated.

Galleries will be back up. Maybe. Pictures take up a lot of room, and Angelfire likes to mess them up.

Nothing new this time around, except the about me, but who wants to see that ;)

Added pictures. Just a few. May take down later.


May 28, 2002

08:08 p :+: I got a new angelfire site. No I wont tell u the page. The index is nothing more than listing the galleries on there...which I have provided the links for you in the gallery page. So nothing really changes for you. I just got extra space :)


May 26, 2002

12:11 p :+: Ms. Colley, my VAST instructor finally posted the VAST website that I spent about half of last semester working on :)


May 15, 2002

04:59 p :+: Wow. just realized i hadnt updated in awhile. well i got good excuses. new job...just a lot of stuff goin on right now. anyway. i WAS working on adding some new image galleries wasnt I :) so let me finish that.

07:48 p :+: that took awhile. OK added some new galleries. Had to create some MSN communities and found a photo host cuz i am quickly running out of room on angelfire. and i will have pix from baton rouge and i still hadnt put up the pix from the memorial day hiking we did. those will be galleries here. i am thinking of getting another angelfire site to host some stuff. like the rest of the galleries :). we'll see :)


May 03, 2002

01:26 p :+: Decided to add a page advertising Zion Design and another company I think I may start. Diverse Research is something I thought up. I am pretty good at research. Some people pay to have someone else do researching for them. I can find a diverse array of topics...so the name came easily.

10:18 a :+: Let me tell u a tale. A girl is happily chatting along on Trillian. She decides to go to google to check something out. The browser says it is unable to open a search page. The girl is smarter than to think it means it can't open that certain page, but she tries to open hotmail anyway to see what happens. Same thing happens. Girl becomes agitated but decides the computer probably just needs rebooting and continues to chat. When she is done with her major conversations she tells her friends she has to reboot and she'll brb.

When the computer turns back on, a rundll box comes up saying the computer couldn't find some file called NEWDOT~1. So I rebooted a couple of times and decided I needed help. So I called my computer genius friend. He told me to reinstall Windows. I did that. Didn't work. Called friend again. He said get on a working computer and go to google and search first in web and then in groups to see if I can find anything. And Lo and behold I did. I found a lot of information on it. Apparently its spy ware. NewDotNet is where I summarized how to get rid of it.

Now I can chat and get on KaZaA but i still cant get to any website, or my pop mail, or weatherbug. I downloaded Norton virus scan and will do that tonight.


April 23, 2002

12:31 a :+: Updated wavs on Bored People and played with fills and text colors. very colorful page. Has no taste, but it's my fun page, so I don't care ;) ok gotta go to bed now. I think my moving the images didnt mess up anything, but email me if it did. thanks :)


April 22, 2002

1:17 a :+: Added new gallery. Trip to Branson. I wanna add the others. Quite a bit to add. Late. Will do tomorrow. Goodnight.

11:00 p :+: Added several more galleries to "Galleries." phew. Now I think I will sort out the images folder better :) like u care...


April 21, 2002

10:36 p :+: Added a pictures gallery to "Galleries." its 32 pictures taken at my nephew Timothy's Birthday Party :) I am not the best photographer in the world, but here they are :) There's some pictures on my parent's computer I think I will add as well.

11:42 p :+: Added another gallery in Galleries. Pics of my brother's honeymoon (get your mind out of the gutter...this page is rated G...PG at the worst ;)


April 20, 2002

10:24 p :+: Finally moved all the updates to the update page. :) Decided to put time on here too. for the heck of it. Added a new story. "The First Day" started as me daydreaming and deciding to write it out. It ended up being a story about a girl who chose to honor God in her new job, and endangered the company because her boss also is a Christian, and his partner....well i'll let you read. :)

10:35 :+: Added new poem, "The World Spins" to literature page.

And I believe I am done for the night :)


April 6, 2002

12:30 am :-: rotated out the Bored People wavs :) also changed the format up a bit. thats all for now since its late and i need sleep. goodnight people. and dont forget to visit the forum or the store!

2:38 p.m :-: combined all images (photos and graphics) into one page so as not to clutter my main page. its just one more click...u can handle that cant ya? I knew ya could :)


April 5, 2002

Added "Chatese." Its just some chat acronyms i THINK i made up while talking to friends and i get lazy. anyway. thats about it for today. i may move these updates to the update page to unclutter, but i am at work and i have to go between angelfire and frontpage...the old way i used to do it....but at home...straight frontpage...i LOOOVE IT!!!! yea baby!


April 4, 2002

I got an Online Store now! YAY! Now you can buy the graphics you see here on t-shirts, mousepads, mugs, even basketball hoops! YAY! If there is anything you would like to see in there let me know. After all you're the one buying it and i do need money. See, the Pell people said i am not eligible for the grant :( I am a college student. Give me money :) Hey at least you get something back :) Thanks for supports DaKabN!

Also I will rotate out the wavs on the Bored People Page. It kinda got old for me, but well, gotta give the bored people what that want...well really bored people will take anything u put in ront of them. Kinda like my friend. Offer him a DP and he says no. Put one in front of him, within an hour its gone.


March 25, 2002

Added a pic of a friend of mine...i put her in a jungle :) also finally moved the old updates to the update page. i'll try to keep it between 3 and 5 on here :)

11:15 pm - a lady friend (Susan) and I were chatting and she sent me a lovely poem. Look on the literature page under other authors or whatever i called that heading for "The Question"


March 25, 2002

I finally added the longest story I have ever written (also the longest I stayed with a story). It is called Far From Home. Its pretty long. Well thats all for now till i decide to do some updating at home :).


March 23, 2002


someone told me bobby wanted to see me in the 180 center. so he wasnt in here...

so anyway joyce coaxed me outside where i got attacked with silly string. my first expression...i laughed :) so anyway they wrote all over my car...put balloons all in it. and i later found out there were cans on my car -rolls eyes-

so bobby got my keys out of my purse sometime when i went downstairs. but i am really impressed that they did this in the short amount of time they had.

i am also glad i didn't park in the big lot...

well i got kinda upset when i was washin my car...but that was just because i was screwing the hose on wrong -rolls eyes- and the balloons fell off the antenna :( hehe

yes there are pictures. i'll see if they'll give me the disk tomorrow. i am not upset about this in the least. in fact...i am sure they coulda done better. oops..i'm tempting the devil...but its my turn now....mmmuuuuuhahhahahahahaha

anyway expect pictures hopefully in the coming couple weeks.


March 21, 2002

Added a picture I made from a pic rocco sent. i moved that and the other 2 "for fun" pix to their own page :) More updating coming...

Added #HelpDesk and a script to the Literature page...

Added more pictures and my resume...

And last but my proudest designer moment is my first Bryce Avi :)

Came back about 10:35 pm to add a new logo. :) a kinda decent job done in Poser.

Come back at 11:15 pm to remove guestbook cuz when i go in to delete an entry a friend wanted removed, i learn the host is now greek (literally!) and i cannot even read the website. so no more guestbook. That's the a new function on the Forum :)


March 18, 2002

I got bored and well i am doing it the hard way like i used to. make stuff in frontpage and copy the code to the webshell. well i got the popups outa the way. your welcome :) i decided i would rather have the ads on my page than have an extra window. ok anyway. new stuff us this. a color-in i did for a contest and a pic i added comments to. plus those comics. they come cheesy/corny jokes and made using powerpoint. those 7 are all i got and prob all that will be :) I got lots more to add, but its all here and i rather use frontpage directly connected to angelfire and that only works at home. Please let me know what you think of my site and let me know any suggestions to improve it. I already know it isn't professional. I don't want it to be. This page reflects me. I prefer casualties. um...i mean casual settings and stuff. with a touch of goofiness :) Maybe someday I will get a bordered background on here. you just never know what will come up here. I will add a forum. Just because it feels right. I had a chat but removed it. but a forum seems right. and in case u all forgot...there is the guestbook at the bottom of the page :) and also, a(nother) links page.


March 05, 2002

Well it's been quite a while since I came in here and updated. I've added a few things here and there, but now this is a full upgrade. Welcome to drallas.com version 4.3.5! I added a new page I done for the BCM ministry at my college. Also as you can see I have a new image. I entered a contest of a webcomic and decided to color it. We'll see if I win :). I'll keep ya posted. I also had some stuff for a webcomic, but it never went through. I may put the few lame comics I had ready here somewhere on my site. U know personal updates are found in the Journal :).


December 27, 2001

I changed the HTML in my diaryland journal so that should be more "original." i am also looking for a better server. i guess i could see if @home will host my page for me. i hate those darn popups. i have the domain name drallas.com set to just redirect to my angelfire hosted page. however i hate the angelfire popup and i learnt that it was founded by gay dudes. soooo. anyway thanks for coming by and please comment on this site if you will :) what idea do you have where i can keep an ongoing interest?


December 25, 2001

I got it back to where i can edit my page in frontpage, so i can do more...i made a photo gallery for my family with pix of family here at my (well my parent's) house on Christmas. lots of changes...even a new logo graphic.

I would say it has a much more professional look wouldn't you? can u tell i gained experience through working on my church's website and by being in a class for 3 or 4 months learning about web design?


May 4, 2001

Decided to tell u about my online Journal :) i ramble here about my daily adventures. http://dakabn.diaryland.com/


May 3, 2001

My friends and i have decided to climb mountains...go here for my accounts of the fun :)


January 21, 2001

Well, I finally learned how to use the feature in Front Page Express to update my pages live. this will be SO much easier than the way i used to do it. I am not sure what I'll change, but stay tuned :)


January 4, 2001

I just added a page i created for a poet friend of mine. Musk In Winter


September 15, 2000

If you would like to join my Random Rambling Devotions email thingamajing just email ranramdev@hotmail.com with the email you wish to recieve it at and i will add you to the list. Please do not send anything to this email...it is a send only-no recieving. The only thing i do with recieved emails is add the address to my list. Any correspondance to me after that should be sent to drallas@hotmail.com . Thank you! -Created 9-15-00


July 3, 2000

please visit my company site Zion Design Created 7-3-00 UNDER CONSTRUCTION only includes charge info and contact info....For now :)


October 6, 2000

I added a short story, 2 essays, and 3 poems. You can tell they are new in the directories because they are not in table style. Also I added images. The new directory under the buttons. I have made many others for Family Church's announcement slide show but I dont usually save them. Sometime in the future the construction of the official Family Church website will begin. Our church computer tech said we need a NT server and DSL so we can host it ourselves. So sometime by the beginning of the coming year i am guessin. i also changed my colors...got tired of black :) I will work harder with graphics and all on the church site. This site is mainly so i can keep my creative works somewhere and share them. if you see any broken links or anything i can improve please let me know. I am going to change my page and use more better original graphics, but not right now. too busy. you're actually lucky i upgraded at all. what do you expect of me!! i am just a poor college student!! LOL j/k a comment on the links page. if you have a link you would like me to add (or update) let me know. if the links are bad, this is not my fault. I cut and paste as the people sent them, and some of these people i havnt talked to in awhile. I will not remove them in case the link works someday. However, if you find a link offensive, let me know. Then i will remove it.


July 31, 2000

Wow...6 months. i am sorry i neglected my poor lil site. wow...i have worked on graphics and God has really brought some great looking things out. see I dont do it...God uses me to do His work. As you see above i have decided to make a business of my graphics work. It hasnt gone anywhere, but that's a good thing...I am not really ready. I will add some images and a directory to them on the Zion site. This will be my online portfolio. well better get started on all that! oh and if you care to know....i go to Pulaski Technical College There is a link there to a webcam. You may even see me walk around...oh dear NO! :) I am trying to a job there right now for convience sake. I'll be 21 soon. and NO i wont drink. I have seen the effects of that too much. plus it stinks. well enjoy the new updates. and keep me in mind for graphic work..but keep in mind i cant draw things from scratch...i do mainly...well just look! :)


January 29, 2000

My first upgrade since the new year! It's been a long time...I have lots of poems i want to add and other things if i can remember all i did the past few months. i may purchase a domain name someday so all you have to type in is www.drallas.com. That isnt a link btw. maybe someday it will be. well the new year wasnt as exciting as everyone made it out to be and i was disappointed. so that's why when there was all this talk about snow i was like "yea right." but here it is...third day. church was cancelled for the weekend. it seems to be a couple feet deep. i love to play in it. we hadnt had snow like this for about 10 years. and this is worse than that. If you see anything i could do to improve my page please email me.


November 11, 1999

I am gonna just put something here out of boredom. since I can't get to my files at home and i am at school i thought i might as well just do it full HTML. i just hope i can remember to update the page i have saved on my own Hard drive. i may just write a lil story or something. if you have any literature you would like me to put here just send it to me. :) also i LOVE to write WITH people. like the nuance story that i worked on with someone. so if anyone wants to do that with me feel free. if you dont think u can well i will show u otherwise :)neone with an imagination can write. and since we are all made in God's image, we all have imagination! so if you are bored or even have a bit of time to just write email i would love to have a writing circle! thanks so much:) and for anyone who stops by, thanks so much! and i hope you enjoyed anything you read! as you can tell i LOVE to write! :) ok i think that's it this time around. hope to hear from ya!


October 29, 1999

Well, it's the holiday season. I thought I'd do a little decorating. I don't celebrate halloween so I will start with thanksgiving. and after that Christmas. hmm just got an idea. I will put the newest updates here and just add them to the update page later. hehe this page is in a state of constant change., that's what keeps ya coming back for more and you know it! well what I wanted to put here is what I am thankful for.

a good job: God was so awesome! I had a situation and HAD to get a job badly. God used a man at my church to give me a job. it seems now I have claimed a place there and he doesn't seem to regret it.

School: some people may think its crazy to like school but I love it!

family: its hard for a family to go back to normal after some things but ours remains intact

friends: I am blessed to have strong Christian friends that lift me and encourage and influence me and make me a stronger Christian

JESUS!: without Him I wouldn't be here man! nuf said!


October 22, 1999

I added two new short stories and a a new poem. The stories are very odd and prove what a wacky imagination I have :) As for a personal update on me. Life is gettin hard but I guess that comes with being alive. God is SO taking care of me though. Also! A new link to the Links Page! also someone is working on our church and youth group page. those will be added as soon as he lets me know when they are done :) Am I done yet? I think this is the third time this hour I added something :) A webmaster's work is never done! hehe also if u write poetry and don't wanna bother with a page, I'll put it on mine. Just email it to me and I'll look into adding it to my page. Of course, I hold the right to decline anything.


October 1, 1999

Well I updated again. not a drastic change, but I figured I had so many titles I needed to organize them in a better way. and maybe when I learn how to do frames I will do a tiny one on the bottom, cuz I know I am not a fan but I do agree it makes navigation easier.


September 23, 1999
later in the evening

I obviously changed some stuff :) I am hoping the colors are more soothing. not as harsh. :) let me know what u think! email me!


September 23, 1999

In an effort to further stall in doing homework I will update my page. I have a couple links people want me to add. and a pic of my nephew's campaign poster. he is running for vice president of his middle school :) I didn't think an aunt could be any prouder :)


September 11, 1999

I got some newer link buttons...which I made!...hope they look better than the other...I think so. I will do the home button soon. I also separated this update page from the info page so you wouldn't have to go thru my lil bio before the update :) your welcome ;) and I would like to extend a large thank you to everyone who visits my site. I am so amazed that I even went past 50 in just a few months! thank you all! and also I know there is at least one site that has a link to me. but I forgot the address. if anyone has come from a page and u don't see that page on MY link page let me know so I can return the favor. thank you again.


September 6, 1999

I got some pics up now. and I am still planning on some major upgrading along the lines of link graphics. and also splitting this page up into a info page and update page.


August 23, 1999

Well there is more literature on my page now...one in poetry, one in short stories, and one in essays. I will be putting in more essays for the next few months now that school is back on and I am gonna be made to write them :) like I'd mind! school seems more crowded than before and that makes me pretty nervous. hehe I think a few guys looked at me. I was waiting inside by a door for my ride and this guy comes in and he stopped in mid-step for like 2 seconds when he saw me! either I surprised him or he thought I was someone he knew. but at the moment I thought he was "checkin me out" hehe what a silly thought...no one has ever done that to me and never will. and quite frankly I'm glad!

well as I said I started school today and I also went back to AEC. I don't have to work outside anymore!!! YAY!! I got a pretty time consuming project this afternoon and I am so happy!! I have to work around my college schedule so the day doesn't seem so long since I spend half of it at school and the other half at work and on Wednesday it is more like split in thirds...school, work, church. I love it man!


August 16, 1999

OK I got MS Office 2000 back!!! YAY!! and there is this sweet program with it...PhotoDraw which I am gonna use to make some better graphics for the page...as u see I kinda did with the links link button. I may do a serious overhaul of the site...it will have to be before next monday cuz I start school then and I wont have much time to work on it. I added a links page to my friends sites...I will add yours if u give me the URL...there's other stuff I may do tonight...you'll see wont ya. I have pics too...don't know if I wanna mess with that right now .also more literature to add...I am not in the mood, but I might do it out of boredom. and also above this u see I added a few tidbits about me :)


August 12, 1999

Well now I am 20 years old...as is my twin. I am doing this full HTML so I have to be better typing. Anyway my birthday was the 4th. We got embarrassed at Oneighty. hehe ah well. When I get Front Page workin on my puter again I have some major updating to do...so be prepared. I will have a little "about me" page...photos of me, my family, and friends...u guys. I may have to ask u for one...so be ready to have one!


July 26, 1999

I updated my resume. I would like to thank dabat, cherokee, and fao50 for helping me with it :) It sucked bad before. I also have typed out some of my old poems I wrote a few years ago before I had a computer. ::everyone gasps:: yes, there was a time when some people didn't have one. hehe anyway these poems are on my computer, but I don't feel like putting them up yet. if you don't like it, well, bite me. hehe...j/k I love saying that!

I got a job!! I am pulling weeds and stuff in the flower beds around Arkansas Electric Coop. I have told myself I am gonna make these the best lookin flower beds around! when I do a job, I DO a job. "If something's worth doing, it's worth doing well." hehe except house work ::wink::


July 15, 1999

I added a counter and a guestbook. Please sign the guestbook. Also you will notice I added more graphics. I hope it makes the page look better rather than an eyesore. please give me your comments.


July 14, 1999

I added a few poems now. I will find a quest book and counter somewhere. Um...maybe I will do that now! anything to get my mind busy. I called the probation number on the back of the ticket and I find it strange that they call it "packages." Like I'm buying pictures or something. I have to go in and I guess hand over $125.


July 13, 1999

Ok well I decided to finally write something. If you know me...well you know me. Uh well...I am going to add a few things this time around. For one a quest book, so please sign it! also I am going to put my resume on here and advertise that I will create graphics for those who want me to.

Well, I had my first wreck...well fender bender. And I don't even have my license yet! I was with 2 friends on the way to Subway...less than 5 mins down the road. I was driving in and BOOM! my fault...since when have I been known to pay attn? I learned my lesson! the other guy was very nice about it all. so was the cop. everyone made it out to not be a big deal. ok two things: court date...and finger prints. oh and probation. to me this is a big deal! I do my best not to get in trouble and wham here I am with this! it was an accident...it happens to everyone all the time. I got to remember that. Everyone is very understanding. and I appreciate all of them. my court date is supposed to be on July 28, 1999. I will call the number tomorrow and see if I have to go. I might will. if I miss the date...::GULP:: I heard the word jail. over a fender bender that no one thinks is a big deal. I am a very jumpy person...I compare myself to a mouse...or a long tailed cat in a room full of rockers. or the mouse with the cat in that room. I need God to give me calmness. well He already has...I just need to grab it.

Forgive the mess. Someday I will copy it all into a blog or archive it somehow.