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as big as your imagination
as warm as a friend's heart

About Me
My name is Lori Cox. I'm 23 years old. I have brown hair and blue eyes. Most days I have a ready smile. Initially shy, but overall, outgoing. Somewhat lazy, but very focused in a task. When I have to multitask, I tend to get stressed and irritable. At least I think this is me. My friends probably know me better. Let's add weird...almost to the point of eccentric...just for a warning.

I love Jesus! He saved me! The Lord has touched me, revealed Himself to me, showed me who I am to Him, and freed me, and empowered me to bring others to Himself! He is my breath, my reason for living. He is my joy! Sometimes these are just words, but that's the truth and my best days are when I know it in my heart and act on it.

I'm not a music fanatic, but I like to listen to Contemporary Christian music. I have no problem with any music that glorifies God, but personally my ears cannot handle sounds like rap or music where the singer screams at the top of his lungs. I also like love songs and Celtic music.

I love to do things. I'm adventurous. I have a unique outlook on life. God has allowed me to keep a child-like wonder about the world. This may make me seem like a simple mind, but I simply choose not to let my thinking get to complicated. I prefer to be creative and let my imagination go. Though I also tend to analyze things to death.

I love people! I love being with my friends most of all. I love connecting with new people. I really get a kick seeing a new believer excited about his/her new life in Christ.

I love my friends sometimes too much. Most of my friends are guys and computer geeks. I have a very close friend that is married to one of them. I do not have a boyfriend. Ready for this? I've never had a date! Ok breathe now. Good thing this is so. I've never had my heart broken, and I have a belief that my first love will be my ONLY love. I just think that's how God has it planned out for me.

I am a Graphic Designer. I work mainly with Photoshop, but I can learn anything as needed. This is proved because I was kind of scared of Photoshop, now I can't live with out it. I am still learning with every project. I am also pretty good at Illustrator. I don't know what God has in mind for this whole passion He's given me, but I know I am happiest when I get to be creative.

I serve at Family Church. I create graphics for various occasions and ministries. I serve in the Xtend Media Ministry. This is where I get the most fulfillment in my life. I am also in a ministry for young adults called the Link.

I am an Assistant to the Visual Director for Divisions 3 & 4. I do orders, keep up with budgets, mail out various items such as memos and videos, create memos and store signs, and other various duties to assist my boss and my co-workers (one of which is the graphic designer).

I earned a VAST degree at Ouachita Technical College. Not much to add to this. I may continue my education. Someday.

I love to be creative! My main hobby right now is dancing and a project I may reveal later. I only go to one class a week, and it hasn't necessarily changed my life, but it's something new to help me be creative and use my body doing it. I also write and read. Those are my hobbies. Another thing, though not a hobby as much as a way of life, is I'm always coming up with ideas. Crazy ideas, but I say a hundred bad ideas are worth getting to the one good one.

Pages I made at OTC: 2001 Class Projects

Last updated on 04-04-04.
This may be updated further as necessary.

I am Lori
I exist for His Glory
I design to feed my soul
I serve to feed their souls
I assist to make money
I work to feed my body
I dance for the freedom
I sing just for fun
I read for pleasure
I write with leisure
I dream my dreams
I will do as He deems
This is me
I will be




Me from awhile back. Still my best pic.





I adore dolphins.






These are colors I may never get to use.